Baltimore City fights violence and homicide rates by cleaning up Library Square

Posted at 7:54 PM, Jul 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-09 20:20:08-04

In an effort to combat the rising homicide and crime rates in Baltimore City, community members from the 1st and 3rd District joined forces to clean up Library Square Sunday afternoon. 

The multi-neighborhood clean-up was led by Councilman Zeke Cohen and Councilwoman Shannon Sneed, who partnered with several community organizations and other volunteers to improve Baltimore's conditions in spite of negative stigmas. 

"We've heard so much about the bad things, but today shows that there are good things happening," said Councilwoman Sneed. 

The clean up drew a diverse crowd of all ages and racial backgrounds. Volunteers worked in the heat to paint a colorful design on the grounds of Library Square. 

"It's very important that we [must] keep continuing to engage our kids and our youth to make [safety] happen in Baltimore," said Rocky Brown, President of BOCEK/Madison East End Community Association.

In the future, volunteers hope that the clean up will inspire community members to work together to make Baltimore a healthier and safer environment. 

"We can't deal with the violence and the crime and everything else unless we become one community," said Councilman Cohen.