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Baltimore Ceasefire preparing for one year anniversary

Posted at 11:23 PM, Jul 17, 2018

72 hours no murder, it's something a lot of people in Baltimore didn't believe was possible a year ago.

It didn’t happen the first time.  Then it did, and then it happened again.

As Baltimore Ceasefire prepares for its 5th murder free weekend people all over the city have taken notice.

On Tuesday in Patterson Park members of Ceasefire were mostly greeted with optimism where there may  been only streets of pessimism before.

“When we first started the Ceasefire a lot of people were like that’s dumb, it’s not going to work,” Said Letice Gant a volunteer with Ceasefire. “We went from that to yes we need a Ceasefire please keep going, don’t stop.”

Tellz Merlot walked with Ceasefire in Park Heights during some of the many events that pop up all over the city.

 “When you out in the streets you can get more people to walk like you,” Merlot said. “It starts with the community, and it can go worldwide. I believe in Baltimore Ceasefire I believe in it.”

On July 17 the 151st person was killed in Baltimore, Ceasefire will go to every one of those murder scenes and proclaim it sacred ground.

The murder rate is down from this time last year, just a few weeks before the first Ceasefire weekend.

“It makes a difference but we got to do a lot more,” Troy Smith, a barber in Park Heights said.

The February Ceasefire weekend kicked off 11 days without a homicide.

The last one in may lasted the weekend.

 “If there are a lot of events going on people are doing these events having fun they ain’t worried about killing each other,” said Darnyle Wharton a member of the group.

After a year they’ve seen the potential for peace in the city, and a chance to change the narrative.

 “I don’t like that people are steadily losing lives in Baltimore,” Gant said. “I don’t like that that’s what my city is known for. We’re more than just the Wire and the Inner Harbor. This for me is just elevating Baltimore and reminding us who we are.”

The one-year anniversary Ceasefire weekend kicks off August 3-5.

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