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Baltimore Ceasefire murder free weekend begins

Posted: 11:26 PM, May 11, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-12 03:26:07Z

On Friday the people of Baltimore said goodbye to a 17-year-old son of Baltimore.

The pain they feel for City College High School student Ray Glasgow is echoing throughout the streets.

“He was a smart, caring, intelligent young fella,” his classmate Jeanetta Walker said.  “It’s just crazy for it to happen to someone like him.”

101 people have been killed in 2018, in the city smothered by death, Baltimore Ceasefire is fighting to stop the bloodshed.

“We talked to everybody from gang members to politicians to police officers we talked to any citizen in Baltimore about how we can obtain peace here,” said Baltimore Ceasefire Organizer Tiffany Hughes.

Baltimore Ceasefire is calling on the people for a murder free Mother's Day weekend,72 hours of peace.

The group is holding events all across the city throughout the weekend.

They’ve gone to the sight of all 101 murders in the city this year.

Spreading sage and making sure loved ones know they are more than a statistic.

 “The more you call a person’s name they never die,” Hughes said. “If you think about people that you know or historical figures we continue to say their name and their memory lives on. We think that every person’s life is valuable. It doesn’t matter what they were doing, they meant something to somebody.”

People who have never met were walking side by side through Northeast Baltimore on Friday.

Michelle Chase and her husband John moved to Baltimore last year, they walk kids home from school every day.

“The reason that I walk kids home from school every day is because their scared of the shootings,” Michelle said. “We want them to stop, we believe that this is important because it’s showing the city that we care.”

This is the fourth murder free weekend Baltimore Ceasefire has held, the last one lasted 11 days.

“From what we’ve heard in the streets nobody wants to be that guy who breaks the ceasefire,” said Hughes.

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