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Baltimore Archdiocese could face legal action following teen and Native American video comments

Posted at 7:55 AM, Feb 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-05 08:14:16-05

BALTIMORE — The encounter between a catholic high school student and a Native American elder went viral last month, and attorneys for the teen are warning the Baltimore Archdiocese that they could face legal action.

The teenager, identified as Nick Sandmann, received a lot of backlash following a viral video of the encounter at the March for Life demonstration in Washington D.C. Many people immediately responded on social media about their reaction to the video, including the Baltimore Archdiocese.

Sandmann's lawyers are putting those believed to have defamed their client on notice of a possible lawsuit.

His attorneys sent a letter to 50 organizations and individuals to preserve all information related to the Sandman matter since January 17.

It further states, if their client pursues litigation they intend to serve those organizations and individuals with discovery requests. That means anyone who receives the letter will be asked to provide access to computer networks and systems along with any relevant documents and information.

The Baltimore Archdiocese tweeted on January 20 it condemns the disrespect shown toward a Native American elder during the march for life. Respect for life demands all are treated with dignity.

Many of Sandmann's critics walked back their comments following the release of another video showing him and the other catholic school students being harassed by a protester.

The Baltimore Archdiocese released a statement on January 23rd, stating those including the Archdiocese of Baltimore to speak out too hastily and they apologize for doing so.

Sandmann not only received death threats following the viral video, but his attorney also stated those who spoke out about Sandmann permanently stained his reputation.