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As president visits Baltimore, MAGA supporters take to streets for second clean-up

Posted at 5:24 PM, Sep 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-09 18:17:52-04

BALTIMORE — He said he'd come back – and today, he did.

"The last time we had people from all over the country; Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and this time is no different,” Organizer Scott Presler said. “We are here a month later. We made a promise and we are here to keep that promise. "

Presler was moved this summer by the presidential tweet about the state of Baltimore and started his own movement to help clean it up.

Monday, he's filling up more dumpsters.

Presler is a Trump supporter from Northern Virginia, many of his volunteers proudly wearing the president's paraphernalia -- but also donning gloves and shovels to take a second crack at trash removal from the streets and alleys of West Baltimore.

But despite some tee-shirts and MAGA hats -- Presler says, his message is not a political one.

"All I want is for people to see this can-do attitude,” Presler said. “I want people to see that they don’t need a big government to be the solution. We, we as private citizens coming together as a family. We are the solution to our own problems."

And, in at least the problem of trash in the alleys -- residents here agree.

Seeing Presler and his team is a sight for Adele Fowlkes' sore eyes.

"Yeah, very nice. I love it. This is doing well, and I am a clean person,” Fowlkes said. “I am always sweeping out here...always sweeping yeah."

And for the second time this summer...she is getting tons of help.

The president himself will be in Baltimore later this week to address Republicans during their annual retreat at the Marriot on Inner Harbor; a far cry from the streets and alleys of West Baltimore, but Presler hopes Trump too, gets the message he is trying to spread.

"Please dedicate more resources here to Baltimore and let’s show with our actions, not just our words...our love."

Words Presler plans to live by himself...saying today he will come back yet again in October for a third clean-up.