Artist creates new light in Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood

Posted at 11:16 PM, Apr 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-07 23:17:46-04

Another a week of activities, another year of Light City is coming to a close tomorrow in Baltimore, but not before celebrating different neighborhoods in the city. 

Dozens of people in the community came out to listen bands, watch performances, and perhaps most of all -- get a behind the scenes look at the history and culture of Sandtown-Winchester. 

What brings light to Sandtown?

Well, turns out it's the people. 

"Really they wanted to bring light to good things of the neighborhood and the things that are unique to the neighborhood," Andreina Mijares Cisneros is in charge of four of the eight 'Neighborhood Light's programs part of Light City Baltimore and for the first time the 'shine' was on Sandtown-Winchester. 

"Altogether the community and the artist put together this event -- this light event," Cisneros said. 

From horse carriage rides, jazz bands, dance performances, and even video games -- people in the community had the chance to not only get out, but see history and culture. 

"The projections are pictures of people from the neighborhood and things that she wanted to celebrate, and people that she wanted to celebrate here in Sandtown," Cisneros said. 

The resident artist, Malaika Clements, wanted to profile and showcase the people of this historic neighborhood and she did it in a way that all eyes could see and hear. 

"It is two projections that she's projecting onto the walls of the Lillian Jones Rec Center and the church right near the park," Cisneros said. 

Each artist has the opportunity to illuminate a different side to the city. 

And in Sandtown's case -- a bright spot to a neighborhood with so much culture. 

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