April 2016: Man dressed in hedgehog onesie makes bomb threat at Fox 45

Posted at 9:12 AM, Dec 27, 2016

A Baltimore TV station got an unwelcome surprise when man dressed in a hedgehog onesie entered the building and made a bomb threat.

On April 28, 25-year-old Alex Brizzi of Howard County walked into the Fox 45 news station armed with a surgical mask and a red flotation device strapped to his body that appeared to be a bomb. Turns out, the device was fashioned out of a life jacket, chocolate bars wrapped in aluminum foil and a motherboard.

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A car was later set on fire in the station’s parking lot. Police shot Brizzi four times during the incident, hitting him in the neck, wrist, leg and buttocks. They later used a robot to disarm him.

Brizzi's father told ABC2 that his bizarre behavior came after he had a revelation about the end of the world. He was slapped with numerous felony and misdemeanor charges.

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The incident marked yet another attack on a local news station. Two years ago, employees were evacuated after a 27-year-old man crashed a truck into the front lobby of the WMAR news station. Vladimir Baptiste barricaded himself inside the newsroom and posted tweets during the standoff.

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Baptiste was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

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