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Abandoned seal back in the wild after being rehabbed by the National Aquarium

Posted at 6:01 PM, Jul 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-24 07:59:52-04

BALTIMORE — A seal that was stranded on Dewey Beach in Delaware and later rescued and treated by the Animal Rescue team at the National Aquarium was released back into the wild Tuesday on a beach in New Jersey.

The seal, named Albert Einstein, was taken to Baltimore after being found in Delaware. The Animal Rescue Team assessed that Albert had a fractured jaw, puncture wounds on his body, an infection near his rear flippers, and internal infections.

Aquarium staff immediately administered a fluid therapy of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications. As Albert was stabilized, the animal team was able to drain the abscess near his flipper, which quickly looked better.

As he got his strength back, Albert went from eating tube fed fish gruel to “hunting” fish on his own, the aquarium said. With his jaw healed and his weight and energy improved, he began interacting with “enrichment devices” meant to keep him moving, stimulated, and swimming.

With his health drastically improved, the Animal Rescue Team took Albert to the Gateway National Recreation Area in New Jersey for his release.

In video shared from the release, the seal can be seen slowly leaving the crate in which he was transported and making his way down the beach. He appears to look back at his rescuers several times as he moves towards the waves.

After splashing around timidly where the water meets the sand, Albert finally departs and soon can be seen bobbing in the ocean, returning to where he belongs.