A pothole broke my car, now what?

How you can get financial help for repairs

Baltimore, Md. (WMAR) -

There's a good chance you drove over one on your way home tonight.

Potholes are all over Baltimore, and they can cause some serious damage to your car.

First you feel the thump, then you have to deal with the new clunks.

Joseph Figueroa a AAA Mid Atlantic Service Advisor showed us how the repair costs can add up quick.

"Ball joint, axel arm right there, those are some of the things that can get damaged you know hitting a pothole," said Figueroa.

A new tire usually starts around $80, things like shocks and ball joints are usually over $200 each.

"If your car used to be driving straight and now your driving to the side you know there's a problem with your steering or suspension,” said Figueroa. “If you're driving and you feel a thud on the side you must know the rim is bent from hitting those potholes, those are things that you look for."

The next hole you notice will be in your wallet, but there are some options that could help.

If you're driving in Baltimore County you need to fill out this form.

Susanne Brogan The Deputy Treasurer for Public Policy said you should hold onto your receipts, you’ll need them to plead your case.

If it happens in the city of Baltimore you have to call the city law department and file a claim, that number is 410-396-3400.

It’s a process that Leonard Diggs said he’s seen work first hand.

"One of my neighbors actually told me she had a nice Lexus and she hit a big pothole and she actually went through the city and got it fixed up her bumper,” said Diggs.

He said it took a while and a lot of paperwork but they paid for the whole thing.

If you're frustrated that you keep hitting the same pothole on your drive home, there’s something you can do about that too.

Call 311 or click here to fill out a complaint online.

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