8-year-old girl creates blankets for homeless animals

Posted at 4:44 PM, Mar 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-08 16:59:48-05

Homeless dogs and cats at BARCS can sleep a bit warmer thanks to a young girl who wants to make sure they are "covered in love."

8-year-old Emma Heffner was heartbroken after seeing Cypress the blind cat on BARCS Facebook page.

“She was continuously having me log her into your Facebook page so that she could go through the posts to see all of the animals— she loves to follow the stories,” Emma's mom told BARCS.

Emma follows the stories of the animals up for adoption, checking to make sure they've found forever homes. She wanted each animal to have a blanket to take to their new home, so she made more than 40 and delivered them to the shelter.

“She’s got all of her friends and family measuring, cutting and tying right alongside her,” said mom Kelly. “Slumber parties have turned into blanket-making parties. Emma is on a mission!”

The materials for the blankets add up, but Emma's getting some help. After delivering the first set of blankets, staff at BARCS wanted to buy some for their own pets. That's how the Emma's Covered in Love Mission was created.

With each blanket Emma sells she can afford to buy materials to make 3-5 blankets for homeless animals.

“So now you have a little idea how much she loves animals and is completely obsessed with your shelter.”

When she's not making blankets, Emma loves to train her dogs and befriend wildlife.

All blankets are made with animal-related fabric. Small blankets cost $20 and large blankets are $40. You can also order customizable blankets.

You can order your blankets here.  Send questions to

Emma's Covered in Love Mission Facebook page

See the animals available at BARCS here.


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