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5-year-old girl donates her allowance money to Meals on Wheels

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Posted at 9:58 PM, Feb 14, 2019

BALTIMORE, Md. — Five-year-old Tysie likes to run, jump, and play like any other kindergartner, but unlike most kids her age, she has a passion for giving back.

On Friday Tysie donated her hard-earned allowance money to Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland.

“This is one of the most generous type of donations that we can see," explained Holly Blackledge, the Deputy Executive Director of Development at Meals on Wheels Central Maryland

Tysie presented her allowance, $41.67, to Blacklegde in a mason jar with the words charity written across it.

“This money is going to help people who are in their homes who can’t get up and may be elderly and may be disabled, or they may be sick," Blackledge explained as Tysie gave her the money. "It’s going to help get hot nutritious food to them and it is going to give someone the opportunity to come visit them.”

Tysie's mother, Elizabeth Hurwitz, said Tysie always sets aside some of her allowance money for charity each week. Around Thanksgiving, Tysie got the idea to donate to Meals on Wheels after making potholders for the organization in class.

“She came home to me after that potholder exercise and she said, ‘I heard from my teacher about a special place that feeds people who are hungry and keeps them company when they are alone, and I think that's where I would like to give my money,'” explained Elizabeth.

So Elizabeth arranged a visit at Meals on Wheels so Tysie and her sister could see the great work they are doing and how appreciative they are for the donation.

“I melted!" said Blackledge. "I just melted because it is not the type of phone call that we receive everyday, saying that ‘my 5-year-old would like to come in and make this donation to you.’ And I will tell you, the staff as we told the story, it was just aws and tears and there is just so much generosity there.”

And Elizabeth said she is appreciative of the generosity from the staff at Meals on Wheels as well.

“I was really pleased. I of course feel that the mission of this place is very important and I was delighted that they responded in a way that would help her to really understand in visceral way what it meant to give,” Elizabeth said.

After donating her money, Tysie and her family got a special tour of the trucks, kitchen, and all of the facilities as a token of appreciation.