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5 kids injured, 1 adult injured after car drives into elementary school

Posted at 11:28 AM, Mar 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-09 17:16:53-05

Barclay kindergarten student Brenden Washington heard it from across the school.

"It said like boom,” he said shying away from the news camera, "It's loud. The ambulance come."

It is the innocent description to what the grandparent of this kindergartener thought at first was a very real world and adult evil.

"Yeah, well with all the shooting and carrying on that going on in the schools, I didn't want to take no chances,” John Palmer said, “Yeah, I ran red lights...I got here as fast as I can."

What Palmer found was something far less nefarious but still dangerous.

Baltimore Police say the driver of an SUV suffered a medical emergency crashing it right into the corner of Barclay Elementary in the greater Barclay, Waverly neighborhood.

The driver was traveling at a speed great enough to literally crash through the wall injuring five students on the other side.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa says he was in the neighborhood when he heard it on the scanner.

"The bricks from the outside are now on the inside,” De Sousa said, “It's a mess in there. We are just very fortunate that nobody was seriously injured, no students were seriously injured. So just checking on them and making sure they are okay."

All five sixth grade students and the driver were taken to a hospital.

Four of the students were treated and released by early afternoon, the fifth is expected to be released later Friday.

Baltimore City Schools says the facilities staff assessed the building and found no structural problems despite being able to see clearly into the classroom from the street.

BCPS says the building will be safe and ready to use by Monday.

Palmer says, everything considered, safe is good.

"I am glad everything worked out alright, he is safe and I am much better. My heart has start beating down a little bit so everything seemed to work out alright."

City schools says counselors will be on hand Monday in case some students experience anxiety from today's incident.