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48th anniversary of Sister Cesnik's disappearance

Posted at 9:14 AM, Nov 07, 2017

Tuesday marks the anniversary of the day back in 1969 that Sister Cathy Cesnik disappeared.

On Friday, November 7, 1969, Sister Cesnik left her apartment in Southwest Baltimore to find an engagement present for her sister, but she never came home.

Her body was found a couple months later.

The story of her murder was brought back earlier this year, in the Netflix documentary "The Keepers", showcasing Sister Cesnik, a teacher at Archbishop Keough High School. Dozens of women who attended Keough at that time have come forward, alleging that a counselor from the school, Father Joseph Maskell, sexually abused them.

"The Keepers" detailed the efforts of two of Sister Cesnik's former students, Abbie Shaub and Gemma Hoskins, to link that abuse with her murder.

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Now, on the 48th anniversary of Sister Cesnik's disappearance, Gemma Hoskins put a post on The Keepers Facebook page.

It reads in part:

"Please step away from all the horror and pain and sadness of her story this month and instead think about the beautiful, kind, fun and brilliant person she was. Think about something you can do to emulate Cathy by paying it forward."