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35 Baltimore neighborhoods recycling pileups after DPW crews were no shows

Posted at 5:09 PM, Aug 14, 2020

BALTIMORE — Most people didn't take not of the small piles of paper products stacked on sidewalks Friday. As piles increase in side, the uncollected recyclables caught people's eye.

"That is a bit distracting especially as you're walking down the block," said Portia Pitts. "I paused a few times to looked and said, 'is this really what's going on?' DPW are you here? Where are you?

According to a statement released Thursday, DPW said "Baltimore City, like other large cities such as Philadelphia, is facing challenges with trash and recycling collections due to COVID-19, weather-related challenges, and other circumstances beyond its control.

DPW is currently evaluating options to improve solid waste collections using external resources while trying to manage the situation at hand.

Updates on trash and recycling collection will be provided to residents when it’s known."

According to the statement, as of Friday, the following zip codes/neighborhoods had not been serviced for recycling collection.

Routes NOT being serviced Friday, Aug. 14 due to staff shortage

Southeast Recycling

42002 - Highlandtown

43001 – Coldstream Homestead Montebello

43003 – S. Clifton Park Darley Av Park

43006 – Biddle St/ Milton-Montford

44001 – Patterson Park

44002 – Fells Point

44003 – Fells Point

44004 – Brewers Hill

44005 – Patterson Park Neighborhood/ Canton

44006 – Canton Industrial Area/ Greektown

44007 - Graceland Park/Holabird Industrial Park

45001 – Harlem Park

45003 – Greenmont Cemetery/ Greenmont West

45005 – Pen Falls Way Old Town

46006 – Washington Hill

Northeast Recycling

24001 – Lake Walker

24002 – Woodbourne McCabe

25005 – Pen Lucy/Waverly

24006 – Original Northwood Ednor Gardens

25001 – Stonewood/ Pentwood/Winston

25002 – Morgan Park

25004 – Loch Raven

25005 – Hamilton Hills

25006 – North Harford Road

Northwest Recycling

14004 – Evergreen Blythewood

14006 – Homeland

14007 – Wyndhusrt Roland Park

15003 – Cross Keys Roland Park

15004 – Levindale Pimilco/Good Neighbors

15005 – Greenspring

15006 - Woodberry/ Medfield

Southwest Recycling

34001 – Carroll Park

35003 – Sharp-Leadenhall/Federal Hill

35004 – Stadium Area/Ridgely Delight/Federal Hill/Otterbein

35005 – New Southwest/Mt. Clare/ Washington Village/ Pig Town

Trash routes not completed Thursday, Aug. 13, will be completed Friday, Aug. 14.

Northeast Mixed Refuse

2408 – Waltherson

Southwest Mixed Refuse

3405 – Carroll- South Hilton

3411 – Westgate

Northwest Mixed Refuse

1406 – West Arlington/ Dorchester

1411 – East Arlington/Ashburton

DPW is asking residents to call 311 and report the issue.

But Baltimorians say they're tired of excuses and the 311 option.

"I’m back to work. Everyone has found solutions for their problems. We’re all getting back to work," said Pitts. "If DPW really wants to get back to work and they really want start integrating back into "societal norms" than come out and collect these piles. It's not cool."

Others agree, adding the pilled up and broken down boxes and plastic receptacles are an eyesore.

"I think the way we think about it is that it is kind of an eyesore," said Robert Hayden. "It does smell of trash and the recyclables get wet. But We understand what's going on right now and how everyone's being delayed.

"It’s everywhere," said Liza Ellis. "It’s kind of an eyesore but you know, times like this it’s kind of, you never know what’s gonna happen. It’s unfortunate but I’ve seen worse."