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30 turtles rescued and taken to the National Aquarium

Posted at 1:19 PM, Nov 29, 2017

The National Aquarium has some new turtles swimming around! 

30 Kemp's ridley turtles were stranded in Cape Cop at the start of the cold-stun season, taken to the New England Aquarium, and then transferred to Baltimore. This is the most rescued turtles taken into an aquarium at once. 

The turtles are being treated for a variety of ailments including pneumonia and blood chemistry imbalances. 

“This record-setting intake was a challenge for our team to logistically provide immediate care for so many turtles at one time, but our team of experts truly rose to the challenge,” said Jennifer Dittmar, curator of animal rescue at the National Aquarium. “The increasing number and intensity of cold-stunning events shows the need for both proactive action awareness to protect these animals and expanded response and care teams to help affected animals return to the ocean, two goals that our team at the National Aquarium is proud to support.” 

Each turtle received a name based on a breakfast theme! The National Aquarium name the first turtle Waffles and the other 29 add the makings of a full morning spread, including Bacon, Flapjack, and Benedict. 

The aquarium hopes to prepare the newly named reptiles for release in the coming months.