Teacher discovers noose at Crofton Middle School

Posted at 4:57 PM, May 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-12 07:04:03-04

A teacher discovered a noose hanging in front of a window at Crofton Middle School Thursday morning. 

According to a statement sent to parents, the noose was hung from an exterior light and was in front of a window of a teacher planning room. It was also visible to students in other classrooms from the courtyard. 

Police were called to the school and a custodian removed the noose. 

School officials are police are investigating the incident. Thursday evening, police released surveillance video from the school depicting the two individuals police believe are responsible for the incident. 

Police said during the two suspects gained access to the roof in the early morning and placed the noose on the light fixtures. Police are looking for help identifying the suspects. 

In the statement, school principal Nuria Williams said she believes the noose was placed on campus Wednesday night. She says they do not believe it happened during the school day. 

This incident is clearly disturbing on many levels. While it appears to have no connection
to our instructional day or any instructional unit our students are currently studying, we
cannot ignore the intolerant message this act conveys.

Anyone with information that could help investigators are asked to contact Detective Dutton at 410-222-8772.