Releasing the chains of corruption: A rally in Annapolis

Posted at 11:20 PM, Apr 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-06 23:20:18-04

On the last Friday of the legislative session, a group in Annapolis used Lady Liberty to show what they want to be fixed in Maryland.

The group represented held the “Restore Democracy Rally” to bring attention to dysfunction and corruption in politics.

A woman dressed as the Statue of Liberty was wrapped in chains with labels depicting different issues that the group wants to be fixed.

Bobby Barlett, who is running for the House of Delegates talked about the need for campaign funding reform.

 “Most committees here in Annapolis take significant amounts of campaign contributions from the very businesses and interests that they are responsible for regulating for the good of the people of Maryland.”

Akil Patterson went after big pharmaceutical companies.

 “Marylanders deserve the right to have reasonably priced affordable prescription medications,” said Patterson. “They should have the right to end the opioid addiction in which you started big pharma. You started the opioid addiction, not anyone else you.”

Bridgette Kimberly, fighting for 15 saying raising the minimum wage would help over 573 thousand Maryland workers out of poverty.

 “Maryland families cannot wait any longer so what do we want? 15 when do we want it? Now.”

Eve Hurwitze calling on lawmakers to make Maryland the 5th state with paid family leave.

 “Military mothers have 12 weeks of paid leave,” said Hurwitz. “You know why because the powers at be know that’s necessary. The powers at be know that we need to keep mothers and babies together for at least 12 weeks so that we give our children the best possible chart.”

Every day in April this group will put a different tip to fight for democracy on this website.