Residents against proposed AACo. recovery center

Posted at 10:54 PM, Feb 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-19 07:04:53-05

An old fire station on Summit Road in Glen Burnie has been vacant for years.  A non-profit wants to fix it up and open a recovery house, but some neighbors are sounding the alarm.

"I want something in my community that's gonna be beneficial to my community," Nic Queen said.

Folks who live in Marley say they want their voices heard.  About 70 people gathered Thursday night to talk about the idea of a sober living facility moving into the community.

"Drugs are a problem in Anne Arundel County, there is no two ways about that,” Queen said.       

The proposal is still in the very early stages, but people say they're ready to fight.  Neighbors tell us they're worried about the site, it's in a residential area with a school nearby.         

"I don't care for the idea,” Krena Falen said.  “I'm not against providing a facility for these type of people, I don't think the facility is going in the correct location, I think it could go somewhere else."

"It's gonna bring our property values down,” Queen said.  “And we have concerns about that."

"We already have too big of a drug problem in this neighborhood, and my fear is that bringing a facility like this in is going to increase that more," Falen said.

ABC2 News checked in with the group who wants to bring the facility to town, Opportunity Ministries.

"The intention is to open a women with children program," said Mickey Kramer, director of operations at Opportunity Ministries.

She says the non-profit has applied for a state grant to completely renovate the old fire house.

The recovery program isn't a rehab or a detox center, the plan is to house up to six women and their children for 12 to 18 months while they work on sobriety and getting back on their feet as a family.        

"All of our participants are choosing to be with us,” Kramer said.  “That means they are choosing different lifestyles and that's really what's in their heart and what they're gonna work towards."

The group wants to give the ladies life skills training, and help the children with counseling.

"I really feel that being with their child is going to help both of them long-term because now the child also get the assistance that they need," Kramer said.

But the proposal is far from a done deal.  The group is still waiting for the grant and approval from the county.