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Progressive Insurance gifts veteran family with new car

Posted at 5:32 PM, Nov 08, 2018

You give almost a decade of your life to serve your country, and because of that you have hearing loss, back and knee injuries and you're diagnosed with Lupus and PTSD.

But now it was time to give back.

One grateful military family was given a free car. 

Anthon served 8 years with the Marines and served 2 tours in Iraq. He sustained several injuries.

Kayla served in the Marines as well. Kayla had to put her education on the back burner so she could take care of the family. Getting a car for free will make a difference in their life.

"We’re going from a one car family. Between doctors appointments for myself, my wife and the kids to now a two car family. It will elevate so much stress," said Anthon.

"It literal just took the weight off my shoulders," said Kayla.

And a lot of that stress fell squarely on Kayla. 

"Just trying to figure out how to get one person to the VA clinic at one location, the other one at another location and the kids to school and to their appointments, now I don’t have to worry about that," said Kayla.

The 2016 Camry was donated by Progressive Insurance. It is part of a national program where more than 100 vets and their families will be receiving keys to newly refurbished cars. 

As if a new car wasn’t enough, they made sure they had something for the kids. A trunk full of things for them.

"It really is meaningful. I appreciate it. I really do," said Anthon.

"It’s not what you would expect. You don’t expect to get things given to you for doing anything. You just do your job. It’s just a bonus, it’s an extra and it’s a huge thank you and it means the world to us," said Kayla.