President Trump delivers commencement speech at Naval Academy Graduation

Posted: 7:01 PM, May 25, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-25 23:02:38Z

About 30,000 people packed the navy-marine corps stadium in Annapolis for the Naval Academy graduation. It was a perfect day, sunny and a little breezy and not a cloud in the sky but, something else was worth looking up for.

The commencement speaker was President Donald Trump. He was well received during his 35-minute speech.

"You are now leaders in the most righteous and powerful force on the face of the planet, the United States military and we are respected again. I can tell you that, we are respected again," said President Trump.

The new graduates have the honor of being part of the 85,800 midshipmen that have graduated since 1845.

Of this distinguished group, 784 men and women will go into the navy and 259 will become marines. Every one of them has been waiting 4 years for this.

"It's just incredible to be here, to have the President come and speak to us is just inspiring and were all so excited to get out to the fleet and to serve our country," said Mathew Baugh, a 2018 Naval Academy graduate.