Parents at Chesapeake High School spreading message of unity after racially motivated incidents

Posted at 11:18 PM, Apr 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-08 23:18:43-04

Racist messages and fights with racial undertones at Chesapeake High School.

Parents and students working to show that despite what’s happened that’s not who they are.

Sunday night parents took action spreading messages across town of unity for the community to see.

 “The actions of one or two people do define them or define the student body, the teachers, the staff,” said Julia Martin, a parent. “We understand how a lot of the people in those school can be brought down and it really brings down the morale. Trying to boost that up a little bit is the main goal for the morale community right now.”

The principal sent home a letter saying that 4 kids were involved in a fight Friday that had racial overtones, and a racist message was found on a mousepad.

That prompted parents like Jennifer Sowers to work on a large chalk message outside the school that reads, “Strength in Unity.”

 “There are a handful of kids and people in the community that think a certain way and that’s not how Pasadena is and so we need a message of unity,” said Sowers.

Hoping that spreading positivity outshines the negative shadow cast here.

 “Even if you don’t have a kid at Chesapeake high school you still need to invest in the future,” Sowers said.  “Your kids will eventually be Cougars, even if you don’t have a kid that will eventually be a Cougar or you live in this community the kids that go to that go to that school live in your community. If we’re not giving them positive outlook that’s when tragedy strikes.”

Stephen Gorski, the principal of the school, said the students involved in the fight are facing criminal charges and being disciplined by the school.

Gorski said they are in the process of creating a “Student Equity Team” that will “Help us to heal from the wounds that have been caused.”

He said more than two dozen students have expressed a desire to be a part of the effort.

The parents plan to rally on Monday as the student’s head back to school.