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Oyster Recovery Partnership out on the water adding baby oysters

Posted at 6:12 PM, Apr 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-17 18:20:51-04

Summer is coming and that means Chesapeake bay crabs and oysters.

And to make sure both crabs and oysters are plentiful the Oyster Recovery Partnership has a plan to help the oysters make a comeback.

They are taking used oyster shells and attaching baby oysters, called spat, to them and adding them on already established oyster beds in hopes these new oysters will make this oyster bed even bigger.

Oysters are the cleaning machines of our bay.

"Oysters can do anywhere from 30-50 gallons worth of filtration a day," says Biologist Emily French.

Not only do they filter water, oysters make a great habitat for other Chesapeake bay delicacies. 

"They provide refuge and hiding spots for different animals like blue crabs, striped bass, and juvenile fishes."

This is the second oyster planting this season.

"We hope to be on the water probably for about 40 more days this year and the bulk of those oysters deployments are going to be in the little Choptank river and a couple more will be in the Triathlon."

David King spent his whole life on the water. He's seen the bay condition decline but has seen a difference.

"I have noticed a certain difference in the clarity of water lately as opposed to years before," said King.

Cleaner water is the goal. The oyster recovery partnership has high hopes for these new oysters.