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One-on-one with Governor Larry Hogan

Posted at 6:48 PM, Jun 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-25 19:10:54-04

Governor Hogan spent part of his morning talking to voters in Maryland. Getting ready for a primary election Tuesday where he, along with all of us, will find out who he will be running against for governor.

WMAR-2 News Reporter Don Harrison sat down with the governor to ask him his views on the primary election on Tuesday and the general election in November.

The first question: Who do you want to see win the Democrat governor's nomination ticket?

"Well, you know I really don't have a favorite in the race. I'm just hoping to get the thing decided because for like a year now we've had 9 people out there and I'm ready to have just that one guy we can talk about those issues with."

The governor sees this race as more of an opinion of how he has done his first term in office.

"It's really a referendum on the job and the direction the people want to have the state heading in. I know that every one of these other guys seems to want to take Maryland in a completely different direction."

Demarcates have questioned Governor Hogan's commitment to education saying, "More than $1 billion has been taken from our students to fund Hogan's priorities and pet projects"

"On the funding of education, we've record funded education 4 years in a row, $25 billion. No governor has ever spent more. We put more money than the legislative formula has called for. Baltimore City has received more money than any other jurisdiction in the state, three and a half times the average place in the state. It's one of the most highly funded school systems in America of the top school systems in the country."

Governor Hogan says he looks forward to debates with the Democratic candidate for governor.

"There's been so much noise out there. It's hard to break through."