Naval Academy graduate shares a special moment with a Pre-School graduate

"I can never quit, because she's watching."
Posted at 10:12 PM, May 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-31 07:04:09-04

A special occasion celebrated by two very different people will have anyone appreciating the significance of finding a hero. 

First Lieutenant Ashanti Curry was at a Green Turtle restaurant in Annapolis celebrating her graduation from the Naval Academy, when a little girl from across the restaurant approached her.

Eagerly approaching Curry, the little girl was coincidentally celebrating her graduation from Pre-School. She reached in to hug the new Lieutenant and gave her a balloon.

Curry was left touched by the beautiful gesture and went on Facebook to find her.

A few hours later, she was able to connect with little Bristol Hopkins, and her mother Debbie, with the help of a fellow colleague.

Bristol's mom said that her intention was for her daughter to go up to Curry and meet a strong woman.

"I vow to constantly remember that little girls like her are watching me and looking at me for motivation. I can never quit because she’s watching," said Curry. 

A beautiful moment that will never be forgotten.

Curry starts the next chapter in her life in Jacksonville, North Carolina as she reports to Quantico in June. She told WMAR-2 that she will send Navy gifts to little Bristol to start off her school year.