Marine surprises his kids with homecoming

Posted at 12:01 AM, Sep 14, 2016

After a two hour flight delay and 7 months in Iraq, Major Christopher Paes is finally home.

"I finally made it," Paes said. 

But this was no ordinary homecoming. The Marine Corp Major is becoming a knight for the day to surprise his two boys.

"We'd buy the swords and they'd take them in the backyard and duke it out and they'd have a parade like they would for medieval times."

Paes has been deployed four times since 2003, working Intel in the Middle East. He said it hasn't been easy for 9-year-old Elijah, 6-year-old Jacob or his wife Laura.

"Family time really, I missed a whole baseball season, two family vacations, and two birthdays," he said.

Everyone was in on the plan, there was even a body double for the Major. Laura told the boys Paes would be home on the 17th, so they had no idea who the real green knight was. 

"I haven't been able to sleep for four days because I knew this was coming and I was so excited to see my  husband come home and them to see my boys see home because they miss their dad," she said. 

The surprise was so successful, the boys didn't even recognize their father at first.