High school students talk to Elementary students about bullying for 'Unity Day'

Posted at 6:33 PM, Oct 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-24 18:35:34-04

It was Unity Day in Anne Arundel County.

Students at Nantucket Elementary School had some help for their Unity Day.  

The help came from Arundel High School seniors.

They came to spread the message of unity and how harmful bullying can be.

"I think it kind of means more when it comes from high school students, it’s closer to their ages," said 

Bailey Streeter is one of those spreading the word of good will, she says the third graders have no problem expressing themselves.

"They will tell me about their problems, they’ll tell me about their homework, who they hate, who they like and it’s all the fact that this drive and this spark is all coming out of them in that moment. It’s fantastic that I can help nurture it," said Streeter.

Josh Wick can relate to kids that get bullied, he went through that when he was younger.

"It was for years in Middle School and like now today it’s something that’s driven me toward doing  this for other kids," said Wick

Orange is the color for Unity Day, and the message of bullying was able to get through to the kids.

"It’s pretty much why i keep one coming here cause I love making a difference in their lives," said Josh.

"And just the fact that I was able to help them become better people and we worked together,  like they helped me become a better person. It’s utterly fantastic that relationship  gets to build," said