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Governor Hogan takes on Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Ben Jealous

Posted at 10:35 PM, Jun 27, 2018

Governor Hogan supporters gathered after the primary election to start his bid for re-election.

Now that we have a confirmed democratic candidate for governor,  Hogan talked to us about his race against Ben Jealous.

"I believe we are going to have a real clear choice for a change and frankly this election is going to come down to whether people are happy with the direction this state is heading, whether they want us to keep heading forward or whether they want to go backwards and take Maryland back the way it used to be before we got here four years ago."

Hogan is looking to be the first Republican governor in Maryland to serve two terms since Governor McKeldin did back in the 1950's. He addressed the idea many Democrats have tried to tie his administration to president Donald Trump.

"The one thing that Ben and I have in common is that neither one of us support, endorsed or voted for Donald Trump. The only difference is, I've actually stood up when I disagreed and taken different positions."

Hogan's office released a video on social media about Ben Jealous soon after he won the Democratic nomination for governor. Some have called the video aggressive and critical.

"I'm not sure it's aggressive or critical. It just showed news reports."

Hogan compared Jealous to a recent democratic governor.

"If you liked Martin O'Malley, you're going to love this guy because he's talking about 10's of billions of dollars in tax increases. It will cost us 100's of thousands of jobs and devastate the great economy we've made some much progress on."

We will find out which direction people want Maryland to go in the general election come this November.