Glen Burnie boutique steps up to help Alfred Angelo brides

Posted at 11:26 PM, Jul 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-14 23:26:39-04

Alfred Angelo Bridal closed all of its shops Thursday, leaving some ladies in a lurch but one Glen Burnie shop is stepping up to help.

One bride said she ordered her dress from Alfred Angelo, paid a deposit and, now, doesn't know if she'll get any of that back.

"I called here right away," said Alexis Accinelli, a bride to be. "She actually pulled a bunch of stuff and styles that I had on earlier that looked really really similar to it and I'm really lucky."

Her wedding is in October, so the search for a new dress was a top priority.

"All the money I put down for a down payment, I never got back and as of now, there's no refunds or anything so I'm not sure how it's going to work out in the end. But right now, I'm just scrapping together enough to pay for another dress," Accinelli said.

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Thanks to Cameo Bridal owner Gena Samuels and her team, Accinelli is once again a happy bride.

"A lot of the designers we work with they're send us letters saying look, we know the situation with the store closing near you, so therefore any customers that need to come down to you for our dresses we will put a rush on them," Samuels said.

A relief for Accinelli who says she got lucky.

"I'm like a weight's lifted, upset about twice as much money spent -- it happens, I'm just so happy I have a dress again," she said.

Samuels has been outfitting brides for over three decades, she knows the stress involved and is excited to step up.

"We're down the street and anybody who needs help can please come to us and we'll try our best to get them the perfect dress," Samuels said.

The perfect dress to make up for the ultimate nightmare.  Alfred Angelo closed all 60 of its U.S. stores leaving ladies nationwide scrambling.

"It just kind of nowhere shut down so we apparently get no refund for anything so that's disappointing after I had my mental breakdown of course, it was rough," said Accinelli.

"You can't go backwards," said Samuels. "So nobody stress out, were going to make this work for you and we have a great selection of dresses, come by and see us and whatever you need, we're here for you."

Another Baltimore store, Synchonicity Boutique is also stepping in to help brides after the abrupt closing of Alfred Angelo.

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