Fundraiser for Annapolis firefighter battling cancer

Posted at 6:02 PM, Jun 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-29 18:35:33-04

Lt. Josh Snyder has been fighting fires for more than 15 years. He's been with the Annapolis Fire Department for 11 years. Now, he has a new battle. 

The husband and father of two was diagnosed with cancer. 

Two years ago while getting ready for a family vacation, he had a routine check-up. Instead of a normal report, he was told he needed to see a hematologist for his abnormal blood results. Snyder was diagnosed with Myelofibrosis, a type of Leukemia. 

"They say there is no cure for it, except a very intense bone marrow transplant," Snyder said. 

He says it's easier to run into a burning building. 

"After 16 years, I've always been the one that helps other people," he said. "You feel very vulnerable when you actually need help."

Fortunately, help came. Synder received two matches from the Be The Match program. One is in Germany and another stateside. 

With the good news, Snyder went back to work. He's using his experience to help others in need of donors. Saturday, at his fire in Eastport, Snyder and the Annapolis Fire Department will have their own donor drive 12-4 p.m. Mission BBQ will supply food. 

Anyone who comes to register will get a 25 percent discount coupon for Hero's Pub in Annapolis. And it only takes about two minutes to register your name and address and have your cheek swabbed. 

"This is an opportunity for people just on the street to save a life and have a huge impact on peoples' lives," Snyder said. 

If you can't make the event Saturday, you can register to be a donor at They'll mail you a kit and you can send it back for free.