Finding a new normal for Sarah

Posted at 8:49 PM, Apr 08, 2016
With all the singing and the laughter in the Handy house, at first glance, you wouldn't know the challenges the family of five faces everyday. 
"Our oldest is 15, we have Hope who is 13, and Sarah who is 9 almost 10 and was born with a rare genetic disorder called Glutaric Aciduria Type 1," Sarah's mother Dena said. 
The disorder caused a stroke when Sarah was five months old. The stroke has left her in a wheelchair with severe physical limitations. 
"There are times when I sit and I think, 'right now Sarah should be out in the field running with the other kids and she should be sitting down for dinner with us and having her own plate of food and she should be doing all those things that everybody else does.' But you know what? Through it all, Sarah smiles," Dena said. 
It is that smile of hers that keeps Dena and her husband Patrick strong. However, they say, their house presents some difficulties that are tough to get around.
Dena has to carry Sarah from room to room and having doorways and hallways that aren't quite big enough make that ever tougher. 
"She's growing and she's getting bigger and we're dealing with the challenges of having a house that is just not quite adequate for a wheel chair and a growing child," Dena told ABC2. 
A wheelchair ramp outside of the home is the only modification they have been able to make over the years.
Finding a New Normal, Inc has stepped in to try to raise money to renovate the house. Friends and strangers have donated more than $12,000 so far. 
"It would help us so much for Sarah to be able to get around. So much easier for us to be able to move her around," Patrick said. 
"We're in awe. We just can't believe how much people just love our Sarah and want the best for her," Dena said. 
It seems the community is just reflecting that same love and support that fills the handy house, that will hopefully have a brand new look very soon. 
The Handy's will be celebrating Sarah's 10th birthday this summer. 

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