Elementary students raise money for bus driver, who's dealing with second bout of cancer

Posted at 1:05 PM, Dec 16, 2016

A group of local elementary students is raising money to help out a beloved bus driver, who is dealing with cancer for the second time. 

A GoFundMe page, called Laura's Medical Fund, has raised more than $4,200 in about three weeks' time. 

According to the page, bus driver Laura Martin already had breast cancer, and is now undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. 

"Laura is currently working 3 jobs to make ends meet, but the treatments are taking their toll and the kids want to help out," the page states. 

It was created by Cliff Wietstruk of Pasadena, the father of Olivia Wietstruk, 10, one of the students. She and her friends attend Fort Smallwood Elementary in Pasadena. 

He said his daughter initially thought of holding a bake sale, but timing was an issue. So they took to the Internet instead.

"And it just really caught on," Wietstruk said.

He said the girls will meet with Martin on Wednesday to present her with the money.

"Once she found out, she was really moved by it," he said of Martin.  

The GoFundMe page promised that if the goal is met, Olivia would dye her dad's hair pink. 

The original goal was $2,000, so it's been more than doubled. 

"I went to work with pink hair," Wietstruk said with a laugh. "It's pretty funny looking." 

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