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Delegate continues fight against abuse of Smart Meters

Smart Meter opt-out bills introduced to house
Posted at 1:35 PM, Mar 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-15 18:38:59-04

Three bills were introduced to the house on Thursday that would allow Maryland residents to opt-out of Smart Meters. 

Delegate Glen Glass from Harford County drafted these bills as he continues to fight against what he calls the abuse of Smart Meters by the monopoly utility companies. 

“Smart Meters only benefit the utility companies, not the citizens of Maryland. They also cause electric bills to go up through the roof; BGE put a Smart Meter on my house without permission and my electric bill doubled. A Senator had his bill tripled by a SM. I believe there are many others who have been price gauged by BGE/PEPCO.  The CITIZENS of MARYLAND are NOT an ATM MACHINE for BGE, PEPCO, or other Utility Companies. After five recent rate increases, the citizens of Maryland need a break. Don’t forget Deregulation in 1999 that doubled electric rates on all citizens and businesses.”

Glass continued to say that it has been proven that BGE/PEPCO is hot swapping meters, which can cause fires. Smart Meters are also making those who have electro hypersensitivity sick, and they can be hacked. 

The bills would give residents the right to opt-out of Smart Meters, let them continue to use their analog meter, and would eliminate the opt-out fee. 

For more information on these proposed bills, click here