Chick & Ruth's Delly under new ownership

New owner says nothing will change
Posted at 6:28 PM, Sep 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-20 18:28:42-04

If you've been to Annapolis, you've probably been to Chick and Ruth's Delly on Main street.  For the last 52 years Chick and Ruth's Delly has been the meeting place for all in Annapolis.

Ted and his wife Beth took over the business from his mother and father.... Chick and Ruth.

For the last 52 years Ted has worked every weekend and says it time to think of something else besides work,"My mom died at 55 of cancer, my dad died at 67 and I'm 61. I want to enjoy my family, not that I haven't always enjoyed my life but, I want to enjoy my family more and my children."

Customers for the last 5 decades are used to seeing all the photos of well known people on the wall, the sandwiches named after famous customers, reciting the pledge of allegiance every morning and yes the "6 pound milk shake" and of course Ted always has something up his sleeve with his magic tricks he preforms will you eat. 

Now that the delly has been sold, many are worried about those long standing traditions. Levitt explains, "Everything at the delly, there's nothing going to change."

New owner Keith Jones is no stranger to the restaurant business, he owns several 5 Guys restaurants in the area. Jones has his theory about making changes here. He says, "There is no compelling reason to  make that change. They've built a wonderful business it is not at all broken."

Jones says he does have an idea to try and replace some of the slight of hand Ted is famous for,  "We actually have people on staff the might be able to fill a little of that void."

Filling a void that Ted and Beth Levitt have left behind is a big task for Jones but, one he says he's ready to take on. Jones admits,  "It will take all 45 of us to step into his shoes to continue to make it the unique place that it's always been."