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Capital Gazette survivors walk in Annapolis Parade

Posted at 11:17 PM, Jul 04, 2018

In the state's capital a showing of strength.

Just a week ago the staff at the Capital Gazette was attacked in the middle of their work day.

Five people killed and the staff members who survived forever scarred.

A traumatic experience for the survivors, but they wanted the people they write for to know they believe things will eventually be okay again.

A big step towards that, walking tall down West Street on July 4th.

The Annapolis community didn't disappoint cheering and showing their love all the way down.

 “I knew those people, and I’m here for them,” One woman said while fighting back tears as the Gazette employees walked by.

Heather Langford said she couldn’t imagine what the survivors have been going through since the gunmen entered their building on Thursday.

 “It was emotional for me and I wasn’t even there,” Langford said.” It really means a lot to have them come and walk together and be together. I’m sure it makes them feel a little better too.”

Brenda Williams held a sign that said “Father is there no peace; my heart goes out to every Capital reporter.”

 “When one person gets killed we all know everybody,” Williams said. “The fact that five got killed at one time, my heart bust wide open when I heard the news.”

Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley walking with a “Press On" tee shirt in support of the Gazette.

 “This is a start of the healing you know,” Buckley said. “This is a moment where these brave guys here need to learn how much this town cares about them. The first responders need to know that we love them and we appreciate everything they do.”

Annapolis Strong, walking towards a future where things are okay again.