BGE restores ospreys' home after a lighting strike destroys their nest

Posted at 7:12 PM, Jun 30, 2016

A family of ospreys displaced when lightning struck a BGE pole last week has a new home. 

BGE replaced the pole Thursday and installed a raised platform for the nest, which was originally home to five ospreys-- two adults and three chicks. 

When the lightning struck, the adult ospreys were able to fly to safety, but the chicks weren't able to fly yet.

"Two of these chicks jumped after the fire started, and the third one didn't, and that's the one that was badly injured," said Suzanne Shoemaker, founder of the Owl Moon Raptor Center in Pasadena. 
"The wing had lost all its feathers, and we had to euthanize that one."
BGE crews added twigs and other materials on the platform to get ready for the ospreys' arrival. 
Watch the video above for more.

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