BGE holds drill on live wire, teaches employees and public what to do in emergency

Posted at 2:15 PM, Sep 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-28 17:53:41-04

Baltimore Gas and Electric held a drill Wednesday, demonstrating what employees and the public should do if they collide with electrified wires.

The drill was held in Odenton on a soggy morning. Employees crowded under pop up tents looking at a cherry red compact car that was trapped underneath a telephone pole.

Then, as if on a set, "Three, Two, One, ACTION!" one of the employees said. Smoke started floating from the car, the field was filled with the sound of electric buzzing, and sirens in the distance.

A voice came over the speakers explaining the scenario, and what you should do it you are in the same scenario.

1.) If you can drive away, do so.
2.) If you can't, stay inside the car. If outside, do not approach the car.

You must assume the car is electrified, and spreading invisible spheres of electricity through the ground that dissipate after several yards.

If there is a fire, that is the only time you should try to get out of the vehicle. Then, jump on two feet close together, like a rabbit, and bunny hop away from the vehicle. This keeps you from getting shocked.

"Unfortunately these kinds of scenarios do happen all to often from a day to day basis," Justin Mulcahy, Sr. Communications Specialist with BG&E, said.

Mulcahy said this is the first time they've held a drill like this. It is part of their Severe Impact Storm Drill.

"It really gives us an idea of what happens during a situation like this and what BG&E does, and what the rescue team, the firemen do," Social Media Producer for BG&E Priscilla Akuoko said.

"We train and prepare all year round, and we ask our customers to do the same," Mulcahy said.