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Anti-Muslim flyers found in Anne Arundel County

Police investigate whether crimes committed
Posted at 3:21 PM, Jun 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-23 17:36:54-04

BROOKLYN PARK, Md. — Printed on a single sheet, each message couldn’t have cost the person behind the letters left at each house in a four-block span of Brooklyn Park more than pennies to produce, but the fear it causes comes at a much greater cost.

“When I opened it up to read it, it’s somebody that is trying to attack Muslims, attack their religion, attack everything that’s going on, and it scared me, because of what’s already going on,” said Connie Bates who found one outside her mother’s house.

A block away, a Muslim immigrant from Pakistan, Khalid Mahmood, discovered one in front of his house.

“It is dangerous, and it’s making people really hurt from inside,” said Mahmood.

The letter questions how the white race is held to task for a history of slavery in a nation, which now accepts Muslims even though the author claims their holiest book, the Quran, supports slavery.

“I think he has no knowledge. That’s why he’s saying that. If he studied that, he’d probably figure out that he’s wrong,” explained Mahmood.

And he may find out his own constitutional rights don’t come at the expense of others’.

“It is considered free speech, but it also is considered a hate-biased incident,” said Marc Limansky of the Anne Arundel County Police Department, “It contains anti-Muslim sentiment and out department will investigate as always any occurrences or incidents involving a bias against a protected group.”

If you find one of the flyers or if you see anything, which you view as offensive, you are encourage to call and report it to police.