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Police need help finding Taffy the dog, who went missing after car accident

A plea to find her bestfriend
Posted at 2:02 PM, Apr 02, 2019

EDGEWATER, Md. — Right now, Debbie Jordan just wants to see Taffy’s tail wagging as she gives her a good scratch behind the ear.

The last time she saw her dog Jordan was pulling her out of her wrecked car after an accident where Colony Crossing meets Route 2 in Edgewater.

Taffy was only 8 weeks old when Jordan adopted her.

“She sleeps with me. She follows me everywhere, which is good and bad sometimes,” said Jordan. “I just want her back. Unfortunately, my husband passed away last year so she’s my companion. I talk to her like people talk to their children or spouses and things like that.”’

She had just picked up her best friend of two years from the groomer.

Jordan hit another car that was trying to cross Route 2.

“I just wasn’t, I was hurt as well so it was difficult for me to hang on to it," Jordan said. "A Good Samaritan stopped, as did several others and said give me your leash I can hold her. I’ll keep an eye on her, take care of her.”

It got hectic from there — but Debbie wasn’t thinking about her broken clavicle or sprained wrist.

“The man did have her, and she got loose and the woman was helping him look for her, and they didn’t find her," Jordan said.

She just got out of the hospital and hasn’t been able to look for Taffy.

“It’s kind of impeding me from being able to go out and look myself," Jordan said. "Now I don’t have a car either; it’s in pieces. That’s another project that I have to do, and what’s more important – I just I want to get my dog back.”

Taffy was on her leash and does have a chip.

If you see her, she responds well to the word treat and whistling.

“Maybe she’s hurt,," Jordan said. "It was a nasty accident, I don’t know.”

Word of what happened spread fast on social media.

Local businesses have chipped in a $1,300 reward.

“I don’t need to know the details, just send her home safely," Jordan said.

As Jordan heals, the only cure for her heartache will be to see Taffy returned home.

If you have any information on where Taffy might be, contact Animal Care & Control at (410) 222-8900.