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Annapolis roads reopen as flood waters recede

Travelers have access to all roadways
Posted at 9:13 PM, Sep 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-11 18:42:32-04

Some roads were closed again on Tuesday in downtown Annapolis.

Rain and high tides have water breaching city dock, not so bad for kids and ducks, but this weather is causing problems for others.

Stuart Wentworth is sailing up and down the east coast. He left New Jersey and is sailing back to Florida but Florence has changed his schedule. 

"It's delaying me big time. Not so much here but, I'm heading south so my next stop is Oriental and that right in the crosshairs," said Wentworth.

The city is keeping an eye on downtown flooding. Residents and business owners can pick up sand bags at Truxton Park.

Mayor Gavin Buckley is worried we may have a repeat of Hurricane Isabel. Isabel came inland and pushed the water up the bay causing historic levels of flooding in Annapolis.

"That kind of flooding will devastate the businesses downtown. It took us a long time to recover from Isabel the last time. It's just something we don't want to happen here," said Mayor Buckley.

Mayor Buckley has been in Annapolis for 25 years and says he has seen a change in the flooding patterns in Annapolis.

"I think we see it with much more frequencies these days so we are addressing that."

In the coming months, the city will start a 10 million dollar flood mitigation plan. It will impact city dock.

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"Basically what it does is it pumps the water from Ego Alley back into Spa Creek at a faster rate then it can come in. That will take care of the nuisance flooding we're seeing all the time now that effects the businesses downtown and it affects the tourism industry as well."

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