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Annapolis expanding bike lanes on Main Street

Posted at 7:12 PM, Sep 07, 2018

Work on the bike lane is underway up on Main Street in Annapolis.

Mayor Gavin Buckley is trying to give people another reason to visit his historic town even though the bike lane will take away more than 30 parking spaces.

They may lose some parking spaces but, there are other advantages to this program.

"We're extending the sidewalks out so, the restaurants and stores will have more space in front of their stores for sidewalk. So, sidewalk dining and cafes will be encouraged during this trial period to see how that works out as well," said Buckley.

The city will replace the bricks on Main Street in two years and the Mayor wanted to see if adding a bike lane to Main Street would be more appealing to our capital city. 

Some residents are upset about this bike lane, but it's temporary.

It's just a 30-day experiment. It will all come down after that.

"So, the thought was that we may incorporate this into the re-bricking project on a more permanent bases before we do that we wanted to do a test."

Many are upset about the lost parking spots. Some feel this will actually help parking.

"If we can get a fraction of people out of their cars and either walking, biking or using public transit, we'll relieve traffic and relieve parking congestion and we'll have more people down here," said Jon Koring, Annapolis bicycle advocate.

Rob Mills is an avid bike rider. Mills is concerned about going downhill against traffic on his bike.

"If you go downhill on a decent bicycle you'll go 20 MPH. You know, costing I hit 20 going down this hill," said Mills.

"I have not seen a bike that doesn't have a way to slow down. This bike share bike has hand brakes," said Koring.

Gan Walter and his wife are here visiting from Holland. He owns three bikes and a car. Walter says riding bikes are a way of life in Europe, he even took his wife for their first date on a bike.

"And I put her on the back of my bike and I showed here all of Leiden. This is my town and I did it by bike and it was extremely romantic," said Walter.

That's the kind of love affair Mayor Gavin Buckley is hoping his town has for this bike lane.