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Annapolis college student searching for lost emotional support cat

Posted at 11:06 PM, Sep 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-01 23:41:51-04

ANNAPOLIS, Md (WMAR) — "It's been a stressful first week," said St. John's College student Giovanni Morgan.

As if the first week of the first year of college isn't stressful enough, Morgan had a lot more on his mind.

"I missed the first two days of classes because I was looking for him," said Morgan.

Looking for his lost emotional support cat Ferny, that was supposed to be helping him.

"He was a big motivator for me to get here and go to school and not having him has been soul-crushing," said Morgan.

Morgan moved to Annapolis from Florida to start his freshman year at St. John's College two weeks ago. With him, his cat Ferny. But while staying at a hotel in Parole before moving in, he accidentally got out.

"When we were taking him out of the room, the carrier popped open. The door was wide open and he just bolted," said Morgan, who chased after Ferny until he lost sight of him. "It was just a series of really bad events. He was really scared because I'm from Florida so previously there was a 14-hour drive that he was on. He really didn't like that. He was anxious about being in a new place."

Morgan first met Ferny a few years ago, while the cat was living as a stray outside his friends house.

"It was around 10 at night and the car door was open. He just hopped into my car and sat right down on my lap so I was like I want this cat. He adopted me. I didn't adopt him so it's been pretty rough," said Morgan.

Though he didn't officially adopt him until a few months ago, he said Ferny has already helped him a lot. After a letter from Morgan's therapist, the school allowed Ferny on campus as an emotional support animal.

"They can help with a lot of things. For me in particular, I have depression so Ferny would always be a good motivator to get up in the morning and I would have something to take care of. I would have to clean his litter box and give him food, give him attention, play with him so it was a good motivator," said Morgan.

Now, he's even more motivated to find him, putting up yard signs and posters, coordinating with volunteer groups and examining wildlife cameras.

"I’ve slept probably 4-5 hours every night. I haven’t been sleeping. It's pretty crazy but we are doing absolutely everything I can," said Morgan.

Ferny went missing from the DoubleTree in Annapolis/Parole but since it's been 12 days, he could be much further away. He has ginger fur with green eyes and a clipped left ear. If you've seen him or know where he might be, Morgan wants to hear from you. Reach him at (772) 777-5699.