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A community begins to heal after devastating tragedy

5 Capital Gazette employees shot and killed
Posted at 11:29 PM, Jun 29, 2018

It was an emotional night in downtown Annapolis Friday as hundreds marched down Main Street to honor the five people killed in Thursday's Capital Gazette shooting.

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"I just want people to know who my mother was and will always be to us," Winters Geimer, said of her mother, Wendi Winters, one of the victims in Thursday's targeted shooting.

With touching words, Geimer did just that at a special service.

"She was an inspiration she was a force of nature, she was my mother."

"She was an excellent reporter, an amazing woman and she was doing what she loved,"

Friday was about the start of the healing process; remember those five victims and the legacies they leave behind.

"She was so amazing, she was so outgoing she was so personable, she was so sociable, she was so involved with the community," Geimer said of her mother.

Later in the heart of Annapolis, another event to honor the fallen.  The streets were packed, the hearts of those marching full of sorrow.

"The realities of what’s happening in our communities and our backyards, it’s just so unsettling, it’s devastating and I just felt it was right to be here," said Lydia Umlandt.

From Lawyer's Mall to the City Dock, the city was silent, save for sounds of a bagpipe playing "Amazing Grace."

Community and state leaders joined the hundreds who felt it was their duty to show solidarity for those killed.

One priest told the crowd, "Let there be peace in Maryland in Anne Arundel County, let there be peace in Annapolis and please lord let it begin with me."