3 AACo schools to get bottled water due to iron in water system

3 AACo schools to get bottled water due to iron in water system
Posted at 1:05 PM, Apr 05, 2017

Bottled water stations are being installed in three Anne Arundel County schools after efforts to flush iron out of the water system didn’t meet federal EPA standards.

School superintendent George Arlotto sent a letter to parents last week, saying officials have been “conducting a campaign to more aggressively flush water” through pipes at Chesapeake High School, Chesapeake Bay Middle School and Bodkin Elementary School for several weeks.

While Arlotto said progress is being made, data showed iron levels exceeded federal and state standards for six out of 12 days of testing at Chesapeake Bay Middle School, and just one day at the two others.

The water is safe to drink, Arlotto said, but the presence of iron creates a “rusty color, sediment, metallic taste, and reddish or orange staining.”

Parents have complained that students and staff are refusing to drink the discolored water, which is provided by well water. They’ve even started a petition garnering 894 signatures to date.

Arlotto said the bottled water stations are a temporary solution, and are scheduled to be installed at all three schools just after spring break.