10-year-old brain tumor survivor shows us how to live by 'Flossing'

Posted at 11:32 PM, Oct 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-24 23:40:54-04

Jacob at your service. Here to put a smile on your face and push dark clouds away. 

Jacob Service is 10 years old.  Lives in Severna Park.  His eye started fluttering.  Dad thought it was a family trait. 

He started getting headaches. 

Mom thought he got it from her.  Both decided to take Jacob to see the eye doctor. 

What seemed like minutes later, Jacob was going through an MRI and Johns Hopkins.  It was determined he had a brain tumor.

After the third operation which lasted eight grueling hours, Jacob woke up in his hospital room.  Tears and sad faces. 

Jacob felt he had to do something. 

So, with his robe still on and his head still wrapped, he climbed out of his bed to Floss. 

You know the dance. 

His parents both fearing the worst heard this line from the boy they raised, “God has my back, I’ll be alright.”  

Jacob named the tumor Jimmy.  He apologizes to other Jimmy’s. 

His advice, don’t stress out, make sure you are in the right hands, and smile, and of course 'Floss.'