1 dead in multi-vehicle crash in Glen Burnie

Posted at 6:10 PM, Apr 29, 2016

One woman has died in a multi-vehicle crash in Glen Burnie according to the Anne Arundel County Fire Department. 

According to Maryland State Police, a Baltimore City man fled an attempted traffic stop Friday afternoon. The driver, Jonathan Simms, 31, drove northbound in the southbound lanes of Aviation Boulevard and crashed into an oncoming vehicle, killing the driver. 

The victim, identified as 66-year-old Louise Donner of Linthicum,  was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Just down the road, Charlene Topolnicki and Kayla Kearns, employees at Royal Farms, didn't hear the crash from inside, but it didn't take long for their customers to start filling them in.

"They were very upset, I mean, all of them. Just shakin their heads saying 'very sad, very sad. How can it happen so easily?' So we were all wondering how, why," Topolnicki told ABC2.

"It was just very surreal for the customers to come in and say, 'somebody died out there.' ... She was minding her own business and got dragged into a situation and that's really sad," Kearns said.

Simms was transported from the scene to Washington Medical Center where he remains in police custody while receiving medical treatment. Multiple charges are pending.

According to police, at about 3:45 p.m. Trooper First Class Kline was on patrol when she observed Simms driving a silver 2015 Toyota Camry, traveling 17 miles per hour over the posted speed limit on eastbound Route 100. With emergency lights activated, she attempted to make the traffic stop. 

Simms failed to yield her marked patrol vehicle. Simms then accelerated to high rates of speed taking the westbound 170 ramp and continuing onto Dorsey Road. He then made a left turn, traveling northbound on the southbound lanes of Aviation Boulevard, subsequently crashing head on into an oncoming vehicle.  

"The Police pursuit was called off prior to the 31 year old man making that left hand turn onto aviation boulevard traveling northbound in the southbound lanes when he subsequently killed the oncoming motorist," Elena Russo, MSP spokesperson, said.

Topolnicki and Kearns said they don't often hear about danger on Aviation Blvd, which both drive everyday. They said this crash will have them thinking twice.

"From now on when I come into work I'll just be thinking about the lady that passed away and the fact that we need to be more careful on this road," Kearns said.

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