Profile: Marilyn Mosby for Baltimore State Attorney

Profile: Marilyn Mosby for Baltimore State Attorney
Posted at 10:35 AM, Jun 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-22 10:35:36-04


  • Education
    • First-generation college student
    • Tuskegee University
    • Earned a Juris Doctorate degree from Boston College Law School
  • Job History:
    • While in law school she clerked at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in both Boston, MA and Washington D.C., and the Homicide Unit of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office in Boston.
    • After law school, she joined the Officer of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City. She went from District Court to General Felony. 
    • Then became a civil litigator for a Fortune 100 company
    • Became Baltimore City State's Attorney 

Her plan if she continued to be Baltimore City State Attorney:

  • Targeting Violent Offenders
    • Created a Gun Violence Enforcement Divison that focuses on targeting violent criminals
    • Focus on the total of criminal's activities rather than just their violent acts
    • Created a Criminal Strategies Unit that uses data and long-term intelligence gathering in partnership with BPD detectives.
  • Driving Down Recidivism
    • Created Aim to B'More which gives first-time, non-violent felony drug offenders with a second opportunity with education training, life skills, full-time employment, and removal of their felony conviction upon completing the program. 
  • Committed to Justice
    • Created first Conviction Integrity Division which exonerates those that have been falsely accused of a crime
  • Protecting Victims and Witnesses
    • SAO got a grant to rebuild Victim/Witness Services Unit and double its size. 
    • Created a therapeutically designed victim witness room 
    • Created a community liaison office 
  • Influencing Policy Reform
    • Created a policy and legislative affairs division in her office
    • She lobbied for the passage of the Serial Sexual Predators Prevention Act of 2018
    • Worked to help provide an additional $360,000 a year in funding for relocating victims of witnesses of a violent crime