Thiru Vignarajah calls for Pugh to release tax returns

Posted at 5:36 PM, Apr 17, 2019

BALTIMORE, Md — Baltimore City Mayoral hopeful, Thiru Vignarajah, has released six years of his tax returns.

In addition to releasing his own returns, he has called on Mayor Catherine Pugh to do the same. He's also asked the City Council to propose a charter amendment that would require officials in Baltimore to release tax returns in order to hold office.

Vignarajah says the fight against corruption is at the core of his campaign.

"At a moment in Baltimore City's history where trust in government is at an all time low, I think the least public officials can do is to understand the importance of surrendering that measure of privacy to the public," said Vignarajah. "We have to be honest with the people of Baltimore if we want them to trust us."

Vignarajah also thinks that this action could have saved the city from what he calls a decade of disgrace and distraction. His request for more transparency comes amid the investigation into Mayor Pugh's book deal controversy.