Panel votes to remove Roger Brooke Taney statue in Annapolis

Posted at 8:08 AM, Aug 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-17 08:08:56-04

Another confederate statue in Maryland is on its way out. 

A panel voted Wednesday night, by email, to remove the Robert Brooke Taney statue located at the State House lawn in Annapolis. 

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The vote came hours after Mayor Pugh removed four other statues overnight Tuesday, and into Wednesday morning. An identical statue of the Taney statue in a different location was taken down during that process.

Three of the Trust's four members supported the decision to remove the second Taney statue.  

Taney was known for being the U.S. Supreme Court Justice who wrote the controversial Dred Scott decision. This denied citizenship to African-Americans. 

It is still unclear when the statue will be removed from state house grounds, and what will happen to it. 

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