Hillary Clinton holds rally in Baltimore

Posted at 11:16 PM, Apr 10, 2016

More than 1,000 supporters gathered in South Baltimore Sunday to hear Hillary Clinton speak.  She hit on the key issues of her campaign, but also talked about Maryland politics and wasted no time hitting on topics that matter here in Charm City.

"I intend to make sure that we create more great jobs with rising incomes,” said Clinton.  “I particularly want to pay attention to our cities like Baltimore."

Clinton told supporters we need to invest in regions that have been passed by.

"As part of my plan, I will direct hundreds of billions of dollars in new investments to places like West and East Baltimore."

Including a vow to spend $20-billion to create jobs for young people.

She went on the tell the crowd folks need transportation options to be able to get to the jobs, and took a shot at Republican Governor Larry Hogan.

"I think the Red Line here in Baltimore should have been completed."

Polls show Clinton has a double digit lead over Bernie Sanders.  The state's late primary usually means Maryland doesn't have a huge impact on the presidential nomination process, but this year could be different.  And voters are energized.

"Because she's gonna be our first female president, she's ridiculously qualified, and she believes in the future of this country, taking the path that Obama started and just taking it forward," Darcy Sawatzki said.

"She's fighting for the everyday working American, as opposed to the .01% elite," said Johnathan Heiliczer.

"The whole college loans thing is very important to me because I’m gonna be in debt,” Megan Thompson said.  “Nobody can afford college ever."

Maryland's primary election is April 26th.  It's a closed primary: you can only vote in party you're registered.  Early voting starts Thursday, April 14.