Cummings endorses Pugh for Mayor

Posted at 5:54 PM, Apr 12, 2016
After endorsing Hillary Clinton during her trip to Maryland over the weekend, congressman Elijah Cummings has made an endorsement in Baltimore's mayoral race. 
He's endorsed senator Catherine Pugh. 
Cummings says Pugh has passed a lot of meaningful legislation during her time as Senate Majority Leader and since she has already made such a difference across the state, she would make a great leader for Baltimore. 
"She's experienced. She's prepared. She's knowledgeable. And she's smart. And most of all, she knows how to get things done," Cummings said. "That to me is so important. We can talk, talk, talk, but the question is when all the dust settles, have you gotten things done? Have you made something? Have you made somebody's life better?"
Cummings also mentioned Pugh's ability to take the lead on three key issues plaguing Baltimore City - finding jobs for young people, education and public safety. 
"Catherine has even developed a plan to equip buses, which she calls mobile employment centers, to go into under-served neighborhoods and have employment experts match up people and their skills with existing available jobs," he said. "That's visionary. And that's leadership." 
The congressman discussed innovations Pugh introduced like the new Baltimore Design School and how she's looking to reduce the number of property crimes in the city. 
Pugh was leading the race according the most recent poll numbers, but former mayor Sheila Dixon was only a few points behind her.